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Course Name: BASIC VOCAL SINGING Level-01 Become a Professional Singer.

About Course

Professional Singer.

Episode:01 - Swaro ki Jaankari - Taal evam Alankaar
Episode: 02 - Saral Alankaar aur 3 Taal ka Theka
Episode: 03 - Saral evam jatil alankaar roopak taal
Episode: 04- keherba taal se judi jaankaariyaann
Episode: 05- swaro ka raaz evam alankaar
Episode: 06 - Raag Bhupaliki SwarMalikakiJankaari
Episode:07- Bhartiya Shastra
Episode:08- Raag Bhupali ki Visheshtaaye
Episode:09 - Raag Bhupali ka Aaroh- Avroh Swar Maal
Episode:10- Raag Bhupali- Swar Malika ki Asthayi
Episode Plan: Allows to watch single video of this level.
Level Plan: Allows to watch All videos of this level. Purchase Full level pay for 7 videos and get 10 videos.
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Level-01 Become a Professional Singer.

Find your unique voice naturally, while having FUN doing it! A modern approach to singing lessons & vocal training.Find your unique voice naturally, while having FUN doing it!

What you'll learn

  • The MOST Successful Singing Course on Masterclap.
  • Extend Your Vocal Range.
  • Learn How To Hit The High Notes! Guaranteed.
  • Learn Vocal Distortion & Vocal Rasp Techniques.
  • STOP Pushing and Squeezing Into The High Notes, GUARANTEED.
  • Develop Your Head Voice for a Four Octave Range.
  • Learn How To Get Your Voice Into Cry Vocal Mode.
  • Customize Your Own Vocal Workouts To Fix YOUR Unique Vocal Problems.
  • Learn About Singing Vowels & Onsets... Famous in The TVS Method.
  • How to Train The Voice for Contemporary Styles. NOT Classical.
This course includes:

Level-01 to Level-06

Swaro ki Jankari ;Saral Evam;Raag Bhupali;Bhartiya Shastra; Swar Maalika Antra;Desh Raag;Drupadh Taal;Saavan Ritu;Ghazal Gayaki;Punjabi Songs;Sufi Gaane; Bhajan; Saral Alankaar;Keherba Taal;Bandish Evam Taal & more.


MasterClap is an immersive online experience. The curriculum for each MasterClap is designed by the experienced and qualified faculties. Each session includes extensive pre-recorded streaming video content, a session workbook, interactive assignments, and community activities. The streaming videos are viewable at any time, and they can be paused, fast- forwarded, and re-watched for a limited time duration. In addition, many students utilize the time frame given, to practice side-by-side and achieve perfection.

Each course consists of streaming video content which is split up into individual sessions of streaming videos that you can watch and re-watch for a limited time. In addition to the streaming sessions videos, you can practice and send us your feedback by email which will be highly appreciated. You can take the class at your own pace, so the number of weeks it takes to complete the course will vary.

Our sessions of Streaming videos range anywhere from 9 minutes to 18 minutes duration depending upon the flow and requirement as assed by our team of experts for the benefits of one and all.

Each MasterClap course comes with a suggested timeline, but you can complete the session at your own pace. You have limited access to every session you purchased individually, or as a whole set together. The limit is on the time that you actually spend on the course once you login.

You get limited access to every course and level in any course on the site.

Some of our instructors may provide feedback to select students on student's questions or work. We may also partner with instructors from time to time to host special live Q&A sessions and opportunities for student participation. We cannot guarantee instructor-student interaction, but will inform students if and as these opportunities become available. We have also planned to provide with online live session which may also be a reality soon on regular basis.

You can view classes on any internet-enabled device, on any modern browser.

There are suggested exercises to practice the skills being taught, however they can be instructions from individual faculties to perform certain task in order to enable you to successfully enter the next level in the same course. It is therefore advisable to complete the tasks assigned in order to smoothly change over to next level.


Sundram Singh
December 11, 2021

Sundram Singh
December 11, 2021

Sundram Singh
December 11, 2021

August 04, 2021

Very Nice Faculty. Easy To Understand Vocal Singing

Neeraj Kumar
July 01, 2021

December 05, 2020