Yoga (Part-8)

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About Course

In our yoga course part 8, you will gain comprehensive knowledge about various asanas. Learn the correct techniques and benefits of Taad Aasan, which strengthens the legs and improves balance. Master Vriksh Aasan, a tree pose that enhances focus and stability.

Discover the benefits of Setu Bandh Aasan, which stretches the spine and relieves back pain. Experience the power of Bhujang Aasan, a cobra pose that strengthens the back and opens the chest. Learn Pawan Mukt Aasan, a wind-relieving pose that aids digestion.

Explore Ushtraasan, a camel pose that improves posture and flexibility. Dive into the benefits of Gaumukh Aasan, Mandook Aasan, Dhanur Aasan, Vakra Aasan, Nauka Aasan, Makra Aasan, Marjri Aasan, and Trikon Aasan. Enhance your practice and achieve holistic well-being with our expert guidance.

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Course Content

About Course

  • Taad Aasan & Vriksh Aasan
  • Setu Bandh Aasan & Bhujang Aasan
  • Pawan Mukt Aasan & Mrakat Aasan
  • Ushtraasan & Gaumukh Aasan
  • Mandook Aasan & Dhanur Aasan
  • Vakra Aasan & Nauka Aasan
  • Makra Aasan, Marjri Aasan & Trikon Aasan

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