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Get the best-certified DJ courses at Masterclap Media Institute

Learn amazing techniques of mixing remixing & making mashups at Masterclap
Does music turn your mood? Are you passionate about mixing music to make people hit the dance floor? Want to become a professional DJ? How about learning a professional DJ course in Mumbai?
If yes, then welcome to Masterclap.

Learn DJ techniques in Masterclap

  • Record audio
  • Edit audio
  • Audio Sampling
  • Handle audio equipment
  • Cue tracks
  • Beat Matching
  • Mix different styles of music
  • Perform live onstage

The DJ classes at Masterclap will make you familiar with different types of technology, the latest music devices, and mixing software to produce enthralling music.

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Masterclap offers professional DJ Courses in Delhi.

DJ courses in Masterclap

RJ courses that are offered by Masterclap is far better as the classrooms are designed magnificently and it has a well-equipped sound lab. Masterclap provide auditions and placements for all deserving students so that they can make their carrier in the field of radio.

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For those who love Music



Musically Inclined Individuals

Why choose Masterclap to join DJ courses and DJ classes

Whether it’s about chasing your hobby or fulfilling DJ career, DJ courses and DJ classes at Livewires have been designed to train you and make you the master of DJing and music production.

Livewires use the latest equipment, licensed software and hardware as per industry standards to create a conducive learning environment for students. DJ classes at Livewires focus around the software that’s shaping the DJ industry.

Our dedicated faculty attend and work on students’ individual level of performance. Extra classes are conducted to help students to learn and get enough practice at the studio to improve their DJing skills.

Livewires being the DJ Academy in Mumbai attract a lot of internship opportunities for students. The good thing about music internship is that you get a chance to show your skills, helping you to get a great job offer from a music-related company.

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